Before The Sale

Shantok Motors has an incredibly rigid reconditioning process. Here is our step-by-step procedure:

Professionally Serviced Cars
1. The car is transported to our full-time service department at Shantok Motors in Uncasville CT.
2. After the car has gone through our 92 point safety check procedure, the car gets all necessary repairs done. Oil changes and fluid checks are redone even if the car already has good oil and fluids.
3. Then it goes on a verified test drive. This can last for as little as thirty (30) minutes to as long as one (1) hour.
4. The vehicle is assessed and graded. If any mechanical deficiencies are recognized, the vehicle goes back to our full-time service department in Uncasville.
5. Once the vehicle is assessed and graded at 100% it is approved by a Shantok Motors Manager.
6. After the vehicle is mechanically approved it goes to our full-time detail department at Shantok Motors in Groton.
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Professionally Detailed Cars 
7. Our detailing process starts with washing the car.
8. Then, the car is fully reconditioned on the inside.
9. After the interior is done, the exterior is then detailed.
10. The car is then approved by our detailing manager. Once the car is assessed and graded at 100% the car is put on the lot.
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That is how our cars get onto our lots at Shantok Motors!

Want to know what happens After The Sale?

Shantok Motors is dedicated to getting your vehicle repaired and back on the road as quickly and stress-free as possible. With one stop at Shantok Motors your vehicle will be in the hands of experienced experts who will affordably evaluate and repair your vehicle. You can trust your vehicle maintenance and repairs will be done quickly and accurately to get you back on the road.