Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

Shantok Motors can handle all sorts of car problems, unfortunately most of those problems would have never happened had the vehicle been properly and professionally maintained.

Routine Maintenance of a vehicle should happen throughout the year. Some examples of routine maintenance for vehicles are shown below. Shantok Motors will also inspect your car to make sure small problems are fixed properly and do not become costly large problems. When you factor in the reasons why you need your vehicle, large problems are usually more costly because of no vehicle and not because of the expense to fix it. If you already have a car from Shantok Motors these large problems might be covered by our

If you can set aside just a little time each year, your vehicle will most likely escape from coming to major problems.


Monthly Automobile Check List

  • Clean the Car
  • Check the Lights
  • Check Tire Pressure and Tire Condition
  • Refill Windshield Washer Fluid

Quarterly Automobile Check List
  • Check Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Check the Battery and Battery Cables
  • Inspect Belts
  • Check the Air Filter
  • Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter
  • Check the Exhaust System
  • Check the Fuel Filter
  • Inspect Hoses
  • Check the Power Steering Fluid
  • Rotate Tires

Six Month Automobile Check List

  • Lubricate the Chassis
  • Wax the Car
  • Inspect the Wiper Blades

Yearly Automobile Check List

  • Change the Cabin Air Filter
  • Change the Antifreeze
  • Check the Spark Plugs
  • Inspect the Steering and Suspension Systems
  • Inspect the Brakes

Shantok Motors is dedicated to getting your vehicle repaired and back on the road as quickly and stress-free as possible. With one stop at Shantok Motors your vehicle will be in the hands of experienced experts who will affordably evaluate and repair your vehicle. You can trust your vehicle maintenance and repairs will be done quickly and accurately to get you back on the road.