About Shantok Motors’ Auto Services

About Shantok Motors’ Auto Services

Shantok Motors Services ALL MAKES AND MODELS

Shantok Motors is a full service auto shop, with the ability to handle almost anything and everything that comes in for regular maintenance or serious mechanical breakdowns. Oil change, no problem! Brakes and shocks, no problem! Motor replacement, no problem! Want to drive your car in for maintenance or repair, you can! If you feel it is unsafe or unable to drive in we have a fleet of AAA tow trucks awaiting your call to quickly and professionally pick it up and bring it down.

Shantok Motors auto service hours are from 8am till 5pm Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays). We will ensure your car is returned within a reasonable amount of time. The clean shop allows mechanics to operate efficiently, there is even a window in our waiting room door so you may see your vehicle as it is being repaired, here at Shantok Motors there is nothing to hide!

All of Shantok Motors’ work is guaranteed! You will receive an estimate! If another problem is noticed during a repair you will be made aware of it as soon as possible with professional, upfront, and trustworthy options to correct the problem!

Shantok Motors stocks most common parts right in the shop, and if it isn’t in the shop, Shantok Motors has wide-ranging relationships with local auto parts suppliers and can have most parts to the shop within two hours or the following day. Shantok Motors will properly dispose of any broken or unsafe parts, or if requested will be more than happy to show you the broken parts or give them back to you, as well as explain why the part had to be replaced. NO USED OR UNSAFE PARTS WILL BE INSTALLED (unless specified)!

Shantok Motors’ experienced staff of 3 mechanics has a combined 30+ years of service. You can be assured your car is in educated, experienced and trustworthy hands.

Best of all is Shantok Motors prime location in Uncasville, CT, right down the road and across the street from Mohegan Sun Casino and the Mohegan Tribal Reservation. Shantok Motors is located near two busy gas stations, restaurants, and Montville Commons shopping center is just down the road. You can drop off your car for a repair, relax in the clean and friendly waiting room provided, or go get a coffee or lunch around the corner.

Engine and Drivetrain

The engine of a vehicle is the muscle keeping it moving. Without an engine vehicles wouldn’t get very far, unless they are the Fred Flintstone design. Did you know most repair shops will work-on or fix an engine, but if an engine needs to be replaced they won’t do it?

Shantok Motors isn’t one of those places, almost anything on your engine that can be fixed can be repaired at Shantok Motors, and if needed replacing your entire engine is something that can be done. You don’t have to go to a big dealership to get the ‘big’ work done on your vehicle.

Don’t forget, the engine is only as good as the transmission and drivetrain so the horsepower can get to the road. Shantok Motors is able to service, maintain, and replace your vehicle’s transmission.

Don’t be fooled by the Big Guys with expensive parts and labor to make up for the marketing costs of their radio ads. Shantok Motors’ experienced staff has worked on more engines then can be listed here, Shantok Motors knows the in and out’s of almost every vehicle manufactured. Shantok Motors can deliver better service and the exact same certified manufacturer parts for less than the ‘Big Guys.’ Best of all you won’t be a number in a huge system; you will be a personal customer to the experienced staff here at Shantok.

Heating and Cooling

Defroster making your window icy? Air Conditioning able to bake cupcakes on your front seat?

Don’t worry, Shantok Motors is able to diagnose, service and repair heating and cooling issues with your vehicle.

Please leave this to someone who can safely work on it without doing harm to the environment or themselves.

Brakes, Suspension and Steering
Where your car makes contact with the road it is crucial that it makes contact safely. Just because a car is heavy doesn’t mean it is contacting the road properly and safely.

Almost everyone remembers their brakes need to be replaced when they hear that obnoxious squeal when their foot presses down on the pedal. Most people brush it off until ‘next week’ which usually turns into next season. Did you know that your brakes should be replaced well before you hear that squeal? Putting it off for weeks after first hearing it is even worse, both for safety and repair costs.

Quarterly inspections of your brakes will allow you to know when to change them. Brakes are two parts, pads and rotors, pads are usually easy and cost effective to change. Rotors can really start to add to the cost of getting your brakes working safely and properly again. When you hear that squeal, think of it as a pin destroying your rotors. Inspections are critical for your brakes to work properly and save on costly unnecessary repairs, besides you wouldn’t drive your vehicle without brakes would you? Shantok Motors is able to quickly inspect your brakes as well as replace and fix them properly.

The suspension is what really keeps a car in contact with the road properly. A worn out strut or shock will make it so your tire does not remain flat on the road. Roads are bumpy, even newly paved ones, you might not feel all the bumps because of your suspension, when you start to feel those bumps your suspension is going, and your tires are not contacting the road properly. Vehicles with worn out shocks, bushings, and ball joints put into an emergency situation requiring heavy braking or quick steering will not be able to stop or steer properly and result in a very bad situation, even wrecking the vehicle or causing serious injuries. Shantok Motors is able to inspect, replace, and repair any suspension part on a vehicle.

Most drivers today have never driven a car without power steering. When a vehicles power steering gives way you will know it, and for most drivers, it could be the scariest time behind the wheel of a vehicle. Proper inspection of power steering fluids, hoses, and valuable parts can prevent most of these items from happening to you. Shantok Motors has multiple tools and the experience needed to inspect, diagnose and repair any power steering issues.

Shantok Motors has a full line of tires either in stock or close by. This is the only marketing of tires we do resulting in offering the same tires for less than the others. Shantok Motors can mount, repair, and replace any type of tire for just about any type of street vehicle.

With Shantok Motors you don’t need to go to multiple locations to get all your automotive work done, just come to Shantok and get all your vehicles maintenance and repairs taken care of with one trip to get you back on the road as quickly and stress free as possible.

Window Repair
Shantok Motors installs, repairs, and replaces auto glass for any make vehicle. A great partnership with Payless Auto Glass allows you a high quality product with Payless Auto Glass’s professional results. Best of all most drivers never see a bill for auto glass items, as most auto insurance carriers offer full glass coverage!

Shantok Motors is dedicated to getting your vehicle repaired and back on the road as quickly and stress-free as possible. With one stop at Shantok Motors your vehicle will be in the hands of experienced experts who will affordably evaluate and repair your vehicle. You can trust your vehicle maintenance and repairs will be done quickly and accurately to get you back on the road.*Terms of our guarantee available upon request.*